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We are a distinguished name in the industry known for manufacturing pure Oxygen gas. Our Oxygen gas is widely used in various industries as combustion gas & for oxidation-reduction process.
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Air contains 20.94% (by volume) oxygen & 23% (by weight) oxygen It is the most widely element on earth, occurring in its free state almost entireily I the atmosphere. Oxygen gas is colourless, odorless and tasteless. Highly oxidizing it reacts vigorously with combustible materials specially in its pure state . Oxygen reaction are accompanied by the emission of hear. Oxygen has boiling point minus 183 degree c. It is approximately 1.1 times heavier than air and is slightly soluble in water and alcohol. Oxygen is pale blue liquid slightly heavier then water. It is produced by Cryogenic distillation. Multi – Industrial User : Oxygen is used with fuel gases in gas welding, gas cutting, oxygen scarfing, flame cleaning, flame hardening & flame straitening. Metals: Tha largest user of the oxygen is the steel industry. Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Petroleum : Oxygen is used as a raw material in many oxidation processes like ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, synthesis gas. Glass & Ceramics : Conversion of combustion system from air fuel to oxy result in better control of heating patters higher furnace effciencies & reduction in particulate & nox emissions. Pulp & Papers: Oxygen is increasingly important as bleaching chemical. Oxygen + a caustic soda can replace hypo chlorite & chlorine – di- oxide in the bleaching process, resulting in lower costs. Environmental: In the biological treatment of waste water . Lamp Manufacturing: Oxygen enrichment of burner air for flame finishing glass items in lamps manufacturing.

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